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Dawn of Magic Plays Cards


Dawn of Magic

Dawn of Magic is due for release next month in the UK, and to pass time and build its players' anticipation, the official website has launched a mini game for everyone to play. The game is simple. Choose a numbered card from a deck of twelve, and try to beat the number your opponent plays. Each time you beat your opponent's card, you increase your score. The game also throws in some random elements such as "lowest card wins," in which the player holding the lowest card in the game will be awarded that round's total points. If you are happy with your finishing score, you will be given the option of adding it to the high-score list when the round finishes.

It's not a deep or complicated game, but it is definitely a time killer. To play the game, visit the game's official website. Dawn of Magic releases in Europe on April 27. A North American publisher has yet to be announced, but the game has been fully localized in the UK and players always have the option of importing the title.

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Dawn of Magic
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