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Square Enix Prepares to Party


Sqnare Enix

Square Enix decided not to wait until the new-format E3 this year, and instead are hosting their own party in Japan around the time we all would have been in Los Angeles. While this is a little disappointing for those of us on this side of the Pacific, Square Enix has promised to create quite a show for those attending.

The following games will be playable at the party:

Square Enix will also have the following mobile titles:

And lastly, the following will make an appearance in video form only:

The Square Enix party is May 12-13 in the same place as the Tokyo Game Show is hosted annually. Last time Square Enix held a party, in 2005, they surprised everyone with the release date of Final Fantasy XII, so everyone wants to know what the big surprise will be this year.

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