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Elemental Monster Strikes This Summer


Elemental Monster

Over the weekend in Tokyo, Hudson held a press conference to speak about its upcoming DS RPG title. Due for release this summer, Elemental Monster is a turn-based strategy RPG/card game. Illustrated by Shinnosuke Hino (famous for Spectral Force and Dragon Force), the game features more than 160 magic elemental beast cards using the powers of fire, water, wood, earth, and darkness.

Players create a deck of cards (anywhere from one card to six) and select three to place on the battle field. From that selection, the featured beast is summoned to attack. That monster can then attack its opponent or be replaced by another card in your deck without fighting. Like all elemental-based games, the element the player chooses should be best suited against the element the opposing team is using. For example, fire elemental beasts are best suited against water elements.

Elemental Monster features online capabilities, both ad-hoc and Wi-Fi play. Hudson is also working an AU version of the game for cell phones, along with comic books, toys, and figures. The official date for Japanese release was not mentioned, though it can be expected this summer. A North American release was not confirmed. An official website is available for this title, but not much information has been added as of yet. Stay tuned to RPGamer for more information on this title as it is released.

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Elemental Monster
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