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Beyond Oasis Surfaces on the Virtual Console



Beyond Oasis is an action adventure RPG game originally released for the Sega Genesis in 1994. The game was prequeled by Legend of Oasis (or The Story of Thor 2 in Japan and Europe) which was released for the Sega Saturn in 1996. Now, more than a decade later, Beyond Oasis sees a rebirth in the Nintendo Wii as this week's newest RPG addition to the system's Virtual Console download service.

Players assume the role of Prince Ali who has discovered buried treasure in the form of a golden armlet that once belonged to a powerful wizard. Long ago, that wizard waged battle against an evil being whose silver armlet possessed the power to create chaos and destruction. The wizard's gold armlet provided him with a power to summon four elemental spirits. Now, many years later, Prince Ali must travel to the land of Oasis and reclaim the power of the four spirits. The ancient wearer of the silver armlet has once again resurfaced and Prince Ali must take arms against the power that threatens to finish what it started long ago.

Beyond Oasis joins Excitebike and Splatterhouse in this week's Virtual Console release package. It sells for 800 points. For a closer look at what you can expect in Beyond Oasis, read the game's review here.

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Beyond Oasis
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