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Jeanne d'Arc Crusades This August


Jeanne d'Arc

Level 5's PSP tactical RPG Jeanne d'Arc will be making its way to North America this August courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment America. This tale blends history and fantasy together with a plot loosely based on the life of Joan of Arc. Jeanne d'Arc will feature around 40 hours of tactical grid-based gameplay with up to 14 controllable characters.

The story follows Jeanne and her army of humans and beasts as they wage war against a horde of demonic forces. Being led by a mysterious voice, Jeanne is told that her magical armlet is the key to sealing the demon king away forever. This armlet was created by one of the five ancient heroes and was used to restrain the demon army in the past.

Jeanne d'Arc takes place throughout the war-torn country of France and offers over 40 different battle landscapes, such as desolate villages and dungeons. The turn-based tactical system encourages characters to team up against enemies in order to take advantage of team attacks and other combination attacks. Characters will be quite customizable as they are able to equip one of eight different upgradeable weapon types as well as over 150 skills and abilities.

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Jeanne d'Arc
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