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Dawn of Magic Enrolls This April


Dawn of Magic

Deep Silver has released details on its upcoming RPG Dawn of Magic. Called "Blood Magic" when released in Russia last year, the game received several awards in 2006 including "Best RPG/Action Game" and "Best Russian Game."

As punishment for crimes in the Absolute, the realm of the afterlife, an immortal named Modo is stripped of his powers and banished to Earth to live out his days as a mortal. Infuriated by this sentence, Modo vows to reclaim his power and destroy the planet that is his prison. Players must choose a path in this story: gather the strength to face and destroy Modo, or aid him in his quest of annihilation.

Players are givin skill points throughout the course of the game. Skills are divided into Passive and Active categories. By distributing skill points into either of these categories, players choose what type of magic usage suits them best. Dawn of Magic features an extensive magic system. Twelve different schools of magic are available for selection, and each school has eight spells available to learn. Leveling up each spell depends on collecting certain items or investing skill points at later stages in the game.

As a player's magical strength increases during the course of the game, they will begin to take on the appearance of whichever school of magic they have aligned with. For example, a mage experienced in Earth Magic will gradually morph into a tree-like creature, first by sprouting twigs from his shoulders. A mage who focuses on lightning spells will begin to crackle and spark as his powers manifest. Sorcerers may even begin to morph into other creatures as their magical strength grows. Dawn of Magic is playable in both single and multiplayer mode. Up to 16 players can connect via LAN, and extra capabilities will be introduced in multiplayer mode.

Dawn of Magic is scheduled for release in Europe at the end of April. A North American release date has not been confirmed, though chances are likely that we will see the title at this end of the pond later this year. For more information on Dawn of Magic, visit the game's official website.

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Dawn of Magic
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