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Europe Welcomes Final Fantasy III


Final Fantasy III

Not one to be left out of the fun, Europe will soon fold its hot little hands around Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS. Square Enix Ltd. announced that the formerly "missing link" title will voyage to Europe on May 4. Before Final Fantasy III found its way to North America, it was the only Final Fantasy title players had not seen.

It's been 17 years since the game debuted in Japan on the Famicom, and the title has been revamped for release on the DS. "Final Fantasy III has been made anew on the Nintendo DS platform, including new graphics in 3D, rebalanced jobs, and brand new characterisation for the four young heroes," said Hiromichi Tanaka, Director and Executive Producer of Final Fantasy III. "We hope that not only Final Fantasy fans, but a wide variety of players in Europe, enjoy the new Final Fantasy III."

The story and gameplay still follow your traditional Final Fantasy fare, with crystals in danger and heroes to protect them. Final Fantasy III focuses a great deal on building up stats and strengthening job classes. With each character able to change class at a whim, the job system allows for more than 279,000 variations within your party. The game also utilizes the DS stylus (if one really feels the urge to hold its little stick), but does not require its use.

"The arrival of Final Fantasy III on Nintendo DS showcases the power of the hardware and proves that no compromise has to be made in order to create an adventure of this magnitude for a handheld system." said John Yamamoto, President and CEO of Square Enix Ltd. "With over 1.4 million copies already shipped in Japan and North America, we are sure that Final Fantasy III will be a big success in Europe too."

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Final Fantasy III DS
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