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Opoona Chucks Initial Information



Koei has released the first bit of information about Opoona, a unique Nunchuk-controlled RPG for the Nintendo Wii. Developed by Arte Piazza, this title features a main character known as Opoona, a descendant of the brave Cosmo Guards. While on vacation with his family to the planet Landroll, he is split apart from his family. When he locates his parents, they have been hospitalized and his siblings are missing. During Opoona's travel to search for his missing family members, he will earn licenses which are similar to job classes. These licenses include rescuer, idol, and detective, and assist Opoona in developing relationships and unlocking new areas. Tomodachi levels are used when determining relationship status and when the level goes up, Opoona will be able to access new jobs and broader quests.

Additional characters will interact with Opoona throughout his adventures including his brother Copoona and sister Poleena. Copoona is a gentle, yet self-possessed individual who grows throughout his time on Landroll. Poleena is a spoiled, though cheerful little girl with the ability to communicate with plants and animals. All three of these characters are artistically drawn with a variety of facial and body expressions. Assisting Opoona is Landroll local Chaica, a frail-looking girl who in reality is quite skilled at combat. Landroll is infested with monsters known as Dark Rogues. These creatures originated from a meteor that landed on the planet hundreds of years prior to Opoona's visit. The Blue Virus, Space Bulb, Before the Mask, Son of Sun, and Ultimate Golem are just a few of the Dark Rogues that Opoona and company will encounter during their adventures.

In a unique twist, Opoona is controlled without use of the Wii Remote. Aiming and flipping the Nunchuk is used to fire Energy Bonbons at enemies in a system known as Active Bonbon Battle. Character will have hit points as in most RPGs, but in place of traditional magic points will be force points.

Working on this title will be Sachiko Yukimura as planning director and Shintaro Majima as art director, both of which have worked with Yuji Hori on prior Dragon Quest titles. Fresh from Final Fantasy XII among other titles is Hitoshi Sakimoto who will be lending his musical talents to the soundtrack. A release date is scheduled for Summer 2007 in Japan with a price of 6,800 yen, but no information has been announced for North America as of yet. Keep checking RPGamer for the latest updates.

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