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Stargate Worlds Details Gate Out


Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment

Though the GDC has closed its doors for another year, new information continues to trickle in. Joe Ybarra, director of operations for Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment's upcoming MMO Stargate Worlds, revealed details about the game to reporters at the conference.

As the name suggests, Stargate Worlds is based on the popular Stargate franchise and will take place with in the Stargate universe, being set between seasons three and eight of Stargate SG-1 and ending at the juncture where the series spin-off Stargate Atlantis began. True to the televisions series, exploration will be central to the game rather than the character development which is the focus of so many MMOs. Players will have a huge universe with a multitude of worlds to explore and will be charged with discovering new stargates, which, in turn, allow access to new worlds.

The player's maximum level can be reached fairly quickly, thus allowing for focus on missions and exploration; however, tactical battles as part of a squad (again, in keeping with the show) will also be part of gameplay. For those more interested in single combat, a player-versus-player system will be in place. Stargate Worlds will also feature an item creation system. Items will be crafted via mini-games by playable scientists in laboratories.

The game promises a variety of races and professions which will affect gameplay, as will location and story arc. While two direct-to-DVD Stargate movies are in production, cast members from both shows have expressed interest in making some sort of appearance in the game.

Stargate Worlds has been in development since 2005. Though no release date has yet been announced, Ybarra has said that beta testing is planned for later this year with an official release in 2008.

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