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Ankama Introduces Wakfu



Ankama Games, known for its biggest project Dofus, has released details on its next MMORPG, Wakfu. Dofus became internationally popular for its unique style and interface when it released in 2005. Since its release, Dofus has gathered more than 3 million players worldwide, has received a number of prizes in North America and France, and has been the inspiration of a number of manga and art books.

Wakfu, a tactical MMORPG in the same style as Dofus, is still in production. Once completed, the game will be distributed in Europe, North America, and Asia with game servers being able to host upwards of 25,000 players at once. In the world of Wakfu, players can fight against the fauna and flora inhabiting the land, or become breeders and farmers by taming them instead. Players also have the option of creating alliances or fighting against other heroes.

Wakfu takes place long after the story of Dofus. Ogrest the ogre has gathered all six dofus (magical dragon eggs in the land of Amakna), giving him immeasurable power. Ogrest presents the eggs to his beloved as a gift, but his affections are ignored. The ogre, filled with rage and driven crazy by the new power he commands, kills the one he loves. Realizing his deed, Ogrest climbs to the highest mountain peak of the world and sheds an ocean of tears. The ogre's pain is felt by all, as the ocean levels rise so high that parts of the world are submerged in his grief. It is up to the players of the world, gods and heroes alike, to start a new adventure, ultimately confronting Ogrest to reclaim the land.

More information on Wakfu can be found on the game's official website. The first closed beta-tests will begin soon, and hopeful testers can sign up for the game's official newsletter which will announce when registration begins.

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