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Happy Anniversary RF Online


Rising Force Online

A couple of weeks ago, Codemasters celebrated its first year anniversary for MMO Rising Force Online. In recognition of their loyalty, Codemasters is offering all long term RF Online subscribers a special gift: the Pioneer's Sword, which allows players to increase the speed of their characters.

Over the next few months, RF Online will also be receiving some updates. Episode II Part 1 is going into testing mode and will soon be available to players. "We are really looking forward to the launch of Episode II Part 1," said Adam McGowan, the Gaming Product Marketing Manager for Codemasters. "Our brand new website design coupled with all these FREE major updates we have on the horizon are very encouraging. This is a positive time for RF Online and we look forward to many more updates over the next 12 months,"

RF Online is a fantasy and science fiction MMO played in both North America and Europe. It is currently the 10th most played MMO of Xfire. For more information on Rising Force Online, visit the game's official website.

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Rising Force Online
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