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Canine to Co-Star in Epic Fable


Fable 2

In a talk earlier today, Peter Molyneux gave a demonstration of a few of Fable 2's innovative new features. RPGamer takes a look at what makes Fable 2 the RPG to look forward to.

One of the biggest things that Peter and his design team want to stress in Fable 2 is the emotions that gamers feel while playing the game. This is achieved in many different ways, and was discussed in the session.

The first of these is the family aspect that has been modified from Fable. The biggest difference is that characters will be able to have children. This adds a whole new level of depth to the game in that your child will react to you based on your actions and alignment. An example that was given was that if a player were to go kill 15 scorpions on a hill for a quest, when he went back to his house afterwords, his child would run up to him excitedly and exclaim how awesome it was that his parent helped out the quest giver. Children will also behave differently based on your alignment, and will follow in the character's footsteps. If a character is evil, the child may come home from school and brag about how he beat some other children up.

Another unique aspect is the character's dog companion. It responds with the world around it, and makes decisions based on what is called a desires system. This changes dynamically, based, again, partially on alignment and where you are in the game world, but it will have three top priorities. The most important one is to not aggravate the character. The dog will sniff out treasure, enemies, secret paths, as well as play many other key roles in the game. As a sidekick, it has a few notable differences from the standard sidekicks you see in most games today. There will not be any direct control for your dog. All of it's actions are automatic, but are influenced by the characters actions, as well as any special training the dog has received. It will also take the place of the minimap commonly seen in RPG games today, although specifics on how this is done were not discussed. The dog is fully morphable, and will change appearance based on your character's alignment. Players will be able to customize their dog with haircuts and accessories, as well as train it.

Lastly, the wealth and property systems were discussed. Gamers will be able to see their wealth in a very visible way: as a large pile of gold, should they desire. If a gamer wanted, they could interact with the pile. Players can buy every piece of property they see in the game, including merchant stalls, houses, and even castles. Eventually, player could own every building in the entire game world.

Although most of these features were still early in development, Fable 2 looks very interesting and is looking to be everything that made Fable great, and more. Stay tuned to RPGamer for the latest updates as they become available.

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Fable 2
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