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GDC - Star Trek beams up to the MMO Scene


Game Developer's Conference 2007

Perpetual Entertainment is currently developing another MMO alongside Gods and Heroes, based on something almost its polar opposite; Star Trek Online. While details are few and far between, RPGamer was invited to see the game at an early stage.

Based 20 years after the last Next Generation movie, Star Trek Online will follow a completely new storyline, the details of which are not available at this time. It is known, however, that characters will start off as members of Starfleet, and will have the option of going off on their own for racial side quests. Being able to join a different faction, and possibly oppose Starfleet, was talked about and met with enthusiasm from the design team, but not actually confirmed.

The design for Star Trek Online draws from the talents of John Eaves, production illustrator on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Enterprise, as well as the for Next Generation movies. While half the game will be spent in space, the other half will focus on the planetary adventures common in Star Trek. The team wants to bring the feel of the shows to the game, so there won't be entire planets to explore, only small instances focusing on the away mission.

About half of the game content will be canon, a part of the franchise's original content. The other half will be completely new and created by Perpetual. The new ships and races that were in progress seemed to follow the general theme of Star Trek and fit fairly well into the universe.

Keep your eyes on RPGamer for more information as we find out. Trekkies are to remain at a safe distance from all RPGamer staff, however.

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