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Blue Dragon Gets Animated


Blue Dragon Anime

A rumor that the Xbox 360 RPG title Blue Dragon was being adapted into an anime was circulating around late last year. The rumor has proved to be true, and the Blue Dragon Anime is set to air on Japan's TV Tokyo this April. Studio Pierrot, which also animates Power Stone, Naruto and Bleach, is animating the Blue Dragon series. Yukihiro Matsushita, who worked on the Star Ocean EX series, will be directing.

North America will also be airing this series, although a specific release date has not been set. Tara Strong will be lending her voice to the story's heroine, Kluke, in the English version of the anime. Tara is known for various voice-over roles, including that of Rikku in Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2 and Kingdom Hearts 2. "The animation is fantastic, the story intriguing and the characters exciting," Tara said in an interview with Square Haven. "It is unbelievable how many obstacles our heroes must endure. I love playing Kluke. She's cute and strong and different. I hope the fans enjoy."

The Japanese voice cast for the animated series will not be the same cast in the game. Japan's Kluke will be voiced by Erino Hazuki, and Shu and Zero will be played by Keiko Nemoto and Daisuke Namikawa respectively.

Blue Dragon will air weekly, starting on April 7 at 9:00am. The Xbox 360 title was released in Japan in December 2006, but the game's North American release date has yet to be announced. For more information on the Blue Dragon animated series, visit the show's official website.

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