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Square Enix Dates The Lions War


Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War

Close to ten years ago, Final Fantasy Tactics was introduced to the world on the PlayStation. Gameplay in Tactics was vastly different than previous games in the series, and it acquired a massive fan-base. Now, after a decade, Square Enix is remaking the title for the PSP and calling it Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lions War. Included in the update are a number of additions and enhancements. The FMV sequences will be revamped, and a number of new job classes (such as the Onion Knight and Dark Knight) and characters (including some stars from Final Fantasy XII) will be introduced. Even the most seasoned Final Fantasy Tactician should find something fresh in this updated version as these elements are incorporated.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lions War hits stores in Japan on May 10 at the price of 5,040 Yen ($40 USD). No plans have been announced for a North American release, but the possibility is there. For more information on The Lions War, visit its official website.

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Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lions War
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