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Crisis Core Details Revealed


Crisis Core

New details have surfaced about Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, the upcoming addition to the Final Fantasy VII family. The game will feature a unique battle system known as "Digital Mind Wave," which will draw on Zack's memories. Reels with character portraits in the left-hand corner will allow players to use abilities gained during battles alongside Cloud and other Shinra employees. In what sounds like a slot machine system, "Power Surge!!" will boost attacks when the images and numbers on the reels are identical. Zack will then be able to use the attacks of the character whose image appears on the reels. Rude and Reno, as well as other members of the Turks, are also due to appear during the game.

Crisis Core was announced for the PlayStation Portable in 2004 as a Final Fantasy VII prequel centered around Zack. Images from the game of Cloud, Aeris, and Sephiroth have since surfaced. No release has yet been announced for Crisis Core.

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Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
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