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Heroes Band Together to Fight Recluse


City of Heroes

Fans of NCsoft's MMORPG City of Heroes are about to receive a massive content update in the form of a free-to-download expansion. Entitled Breakthrough, the expansion introduces an item creation system, as well as a player-driven auction house system.

The Invention System allows players to collect resources, as either Salvage or Invention Recipes. When used together, they allow a character to create enhancements, powers, gadgets, costume pieces, and other such items.

The new Auction House, one for both Heroes and Villains, will give characters a place to trade the new items created through the Invention System. Heroes will trade through Wentworth's Fine Consignments, while the Villains will barter through black market trucks.

In addition to these updates, several new Task Forces (and Strike Forces) will be added. The first of which is Statesman's Task Force, a Hero only task force that pits players against Lord Recluse himself. Both Heroes and Villains will gain access to a second Force, Hamidon, which has gamers bring down one of the cities greatest threats. Both of these new encounters will offer some of the game's best rewards, and challenges.

All of this will come to pass in April, 2007, though a solid date has not yet been set. Keep your eye on RPGamer for more updates as they come.

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