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Okami Nabs Another Award



Okami has received high praise at the 10th annual Japan Media Arts Festival. The festival was created in 1997 to support creative media artwork and activity and to promote the development of media arts in Japan. Since its creation, a number of RPGs have been given recognition for excellence.

Okami was recognized this year with a Grand Prize in the Entertainment Division (Works of entertainment employing digital technology). Okami has received a number of awards and has seen much critical acclaim since its release in Japan and North America in 2006. Developed by Clover Studio and published by Capcom, Okami has often been likened to the popular Legend of Zelda series. The "Reason for Award" section of the official Japan Media Arts Festival website describes why Okami received this year's honor:

"An aspiring piece of work which adopted Japanese myth into a game. It achieved a very high level of finish, both as a game and as entertainment. [Hideki Kamiya's] beautiful graphic and distinct style of presentation received high commendation from abroad. It is a pity that Clover Studio, which created this work, dissolved. However, I would like to send cheers for the staff who was involved in this work and wish them good performance in the future."

The Japan Media Arts Festival will run through March 4 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. More detail on the festival and all of the winners of 2006 can be viewed on the Japan Media Arts Plaza website.

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