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Chocobo Tales Website Goes Live


Square Enix

Earlier in the year, Square Enix announced that its DS title Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales (known as Chocobo to Maho no Ehon in Japan and formerly known as Chocobo and the Magic Picturebook in NA) will make its way to North America in April 2007. At that time, all we had was an intro page on the official website. However, our we have now been given many cutesy goodies to explore on the website, which is now fully functioning.

The website almost plays out like a game itself, as chocobo is able to explore the town (why he's sitting on a stick, we may never know) and visit different houses, items and characters to find out more about the game. Some sections have yet to be fully-developed, so not everything has full content just yet. However, those sections are denoted by a '?' and a Coming Soon message. What currently is available is a nice little back-story, some wallpaper downloads, and a few character and game specs.

The plot of the game involves rescuing Chocobo's friends who are trapped inside of picture books, and attempting to stop the evil Darkmaster Bebuzzu from regaining his power. The Game section of the site does have some information on what can be expected: Multiplayer functions, Minigames, Microgames (incase the mini games aren't small enough), and Pop-Up Duel.

For those who love chocobos, the website is a nice prelude to what is to come in April. All of this yellow goodness can be seen on official Final Fantasy Fable: Chocobo Tales website here, and stay tuned to RPGamer for more information on this game as it becomes available.

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