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Atlus Brings Odin Sphere to North America


Odin Sphere

Atlus U.S.A, Inc. has announced that it will be releasing the upcoming action-RPG Odin Sphere in North America. Odin Sphere is being developed by Vanillaware, creators of the Sega Saturn title Princess Crown, released in 1997.

Odin Sphere takes place in the fey land of Erion, where an ancient prophecy is about to be fulfilled by two fueding nations: Ringford, a nation of beautiful yet deadly fairies, and Ragnanival, a fierce nation of valkyrie warriors.

The story revolves around five main characters (Gwendlyn, Cornelius, Mercedes, Oswald and Velvet) who all exist in the same era, but have very different stories to tell. As you play through the game, new chapters unfold, linking and intertwining the stories and characters together and revealing the true connection between them.

Odin Sphere is scheduled for release in Japan on May 17th. Atlus has also confirmed a "late spring of 2007" release date for us North American folk.

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Odin Sphere
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