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Revenant Wings Spreading This Spring


Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Square Enix has confirmed, via its website, that Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings will be released in Japan this spring. The title is now slated for an April 26 release date, adding to an already well-stocked DS lineup.

The site now also comes equipped with a video, showcasing scenes from the game, an introductory sequence, and short vignettes featuring each of the game's characters. The full cast, as shown in the video, includes each of the principles (save for Ashe) from Final Fantasy XII, as well as several of that game's supporting cast members. Kytes, Ba'gamnan, and Tomaj will now be playable, as will several new characters, including the angel-like Llyud, and Eilo, a young girl. There also appears to be a playable moogle character, although its identity has not yet been revealed.

There has been no word yet as to when North American gamers can expect FFXII: RW, but expect RPGamer to bring you news of such an announcement as soon as it occurs. To see the video yourself, go here.

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Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings
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