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A Cut of Fun for Fans of Rogue Galaxy


Rogue Galaxy

Though our North American eyes may not have had the pleasure of experiencing Level-5’s Rogue Galaxy (PlayStation 2) just yet, our Japanese friends can expect a surprise on March 21, 2007. Sony Computer Entertainment has announced the release of a director’s cut for the popular RPG. Close to 400,000 copies of the original game were sold in the first three months of its release, and Level-5 is hoping to do better than that with this revamp.

The game will include an additional planet to explore, a new episode to play, and a number of other juicy add-ons in the form of new enemies and dungeons, weapons, items and costumes. If the heat of battle is what you crave, a new feature has been added in which players collect items called “burning chips” by defeating enemies. Once you’ve collected enough, a new button combination will appear on screen, allowing you to perform the deadly new battle move “Burning Strike.”

The Director’s Cut has also thrown in about a thousand new conversation patterns, higher quality movie cut-scenes, and other enhancements, including an update to the Insectron mini-game.

Rogue Galaxy Director's Cut will retail for about 4,000 yen. North America can look forward to the original release of Rogue Galaxy on January 30th, and our European brethren will see it on shelves in June.

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Rogue Galaxy
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