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Manaphy Eggs...Not Just for Omelettes



Since the beginning of the month, The Pokémon Company has been running a small campaign about one of the newest pokémon, Manaphy. As of a few days ago, the campaign completed and all the information on how to acquire this mysterious new pokémon has been revealed.

First, gamers will have to complete the Pokémon Ranger story mode. This will cause the game to save and a new option, Ranger Net, to open up on the main menu. In Ranger Net, there are a 3 new missions which will need to be completed (Note: The earlier information said these would NOT have to be completed, but it was later stated that they WOULD). Once they are, another extra menu option can be unlocked by going into the Ranger Net menu and pressing right trigger, x, and left on the d-pad simultaneously. This unlocks the option "Enter the password". Select this new option and enter the password: P8M2-9D6F-43H7. This will unlock a new special mission, "Recover the Precious Egg". Completing this mission will allow you to acquire the Manaphy egg, which then may be transferred to Pokémon Diamond or Pearl.

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