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Deltora Quest in Development for DS


Bandai Namco

There are only a handful of RPGs based on novels, and a new one is about to join the ranks. Bandai Namco is currently developing Deltora Quest for the Nintendo DS. Originally a children's fantasy series by Australian writer Emily Rodda, Deltora Quest was recently adapted into anime and manga. Following in the footsteps of both the novels and the anime, the game will center around Lief, Jasmine, and Barda on their quest to recover the seven stolen gems which will allow them to defeat the evil Shadow King.

In an interesting twist, Deltora Quest features action-style gameplay controlled entirely by the stylus. Players can navigate the world of Deltora by using the touch screen. All three characters are playable and possess unique attacks and combos. Attacks are initiated by pointing to an enemy on the touch-screen which then automatically triggers the character's attack.

Kazushige Nojima, known for his work on the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series will be working on the scenario, and Hitoshi Sakimoto, of Final Fantasy XII fame is listed as the composer. Artwork will be handled by Japanese artist Yocky.

Deltora Quest is slated for a spring release in Japan. No word yet about a North American release.

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Deltora Quest
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