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Etrian Odyssey Exploring North America


Etrian Odyssey

Atlus will be bringing its dungeon crawler Etrian Odyssey to North America. The game features random maps and allows players to draw their own maps with the stylus.

There is also an extensive class system where players can create and customize up to 20 characters, five of which can be in your party. Each class has over 20 battle skills to learn. Among the game's classes are:

  • Landsknecht: A master of melee combat who is skilled with swords and axes
  • Survivalist: A woodland ranger with a deep understanding of forest's mysteries
  • Protector: A holy knight that protects other party members
  • Dark Hunter: A hunter skilled with whips that is able to hit enemies' weak points with amazing accuracy
  • Medic: A healer who provides assistance to the party
  • Alchemist: A researcher of obscure magic who can manipulate paranormal phenomena
  • Troubadour: An entertainer that supports the party with music and dance
  • Warlock: A wizard with the power to control minds and raise the dead with forbidden magic
  • Bushido: A swordsman from another land who uses a unique fighting style that few have seen
  • Combat for Etrian Odyssey is somewhat unique. Battles are turn based, but other monsters in the dungeon move about with every step or turn. A long fight could place the party in another battle if it is surrounded while attacking one group of enemies.

    Etrian Odyssey will hit Japanese shelves on January 18th and is set for release on this side of the planet sometime in the second quarter of this year. Look to RPGamer for more information as it surfaces.

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