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PS2 to Get Two


Wild Arms: the Vth Vangard

In a listing of big games for 2007 in the February 2007 issue of EGM, two RPGs were announced for localization. The first is Wild Arms: the Vth Vangard. It originally hit Japanese shelves on December 12th of last year, and it is due to invade this side of the Pacific sometime this summer.

The other big title mentioned is Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix. Like other Square Enix games that see re-releases in Japan after North American localization, it featured English voice acting and extra bosses, but that's not all. The game also came packaged with a second disc containing a 3D remake of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, a GBA game that serves as a bridge between the two numbered Kingdom Hearts games. Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix is due out sometime this fall.

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