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Enchanted Arms Reaches for a New Console


Enchanted Arms

Ubisoft announced yesterday that they are bringing their RPG, Enchanted Arms, to the PlayStation 3. Enchanted Arms is touted as one of the first 'next-gen RPG adventures'. It has been as big of hit in Japan as one could expect from an Xbox 360 title over there.

Changes to the PlayStation 3 version include the use of the Sixaxis motion sensor in the controller. From Software hopes to enhance the experience by using the gyroscopic capabilities to harness weapons, recover EX power meters, and unlock more powerful attacks. In addition to the 500 characters already available from the Xbox 360 version, 30 exclusive characters will be added for the PS3. There will also be 10 more minutes of anime added, as well as an all new English language track.

Ubisoft is setting the release of the PS3 version for this upcoming March, while the Japanese will be able to try it out on the 25th of this month.

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Enchanted Arms
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