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Square Enix Makes the World More Wonderful


It's a Wonderful World

Square Enix has recently announced new details about one of its latest titles, an action RPG titled It's a Wonderful World for the Nintendo DS. Created by Tetsuya Nomura of recent Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts fame, the story follows two teenagers named Neku Sakuraba and Shiki Misaki in the Shibuya ward in Tokyo. Though the location is real, things take an unnatural turn when the pair get pulled into a lethal "game" organized by a group of demons. The two youths must complete all of a series of tasks given to them within seven days or the demons will completely erase them.

The consquences are dire if they fail, but the demons were not so heartless as to send the pair about their missions armed only with their wits. Neku and Shiki are given the ability to read minds. This power is manifested in the game by having players touch a small mark on the screen when they are near an NPC. From there, a thought bubble can be touched to see more details so the teens can search for hints and clues leading them along their tasks.

On top of mind reading, the two heroes must also do battle against enemies known as "noise." While fighting, players will control Shiki on the top screen as she sends her stuffed black cat to attack. Players command Neku in the bottom screen as he uses his psychic powers.

Currently, It's a Wonderful World is set for a release sometime next year in Japan with no announcements of a North American release at this time. Look to RPGamer for more details as they materialize.

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It's a Wonderful World
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