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Hironobu Sakaguch Speaks on Blue Dragon Combat


Blue Dragon

Microsoft and Mistwalker wasted no time promoting Blue Dragon two weeks ago at the annual Tokyo Game Show. The promotion involved visitors receiving complimentary bags with the game's logo along with chances to play the demo. Hironobu Sakaguchi, the game's producer, took a step further in an interview with the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu by revealing new details on Blue Dragon's combat system.

Sakaguchi disclosed how relations between enemies will play a pivotal role in battle, with some enemies being cooperative while others are in conflict. For example, when a player encounters rival enemy factions, a group of monsters may choose to heal the party because the party members are enemies of the other faction.

Along with the interaction in battle, Sakaguchi added that what players do outside of combat can also effect what happens in it. No specifics were revealed, but the producer hinted it will involve information gathered in town.

Blue Dragon is developed by Mistwalker, and is currently projected to be released in Japan on December 7th, 2006. Hironobu Sakaguchi is the creator of the Final Fantasy series and he founded Mistwalker in 2001.

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Blue Dragon
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