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XSEED to Bring Valhalla Knights to North American PSPs


Valhalla Knights

XSEED Games, the North American publishing house founded by former Square Enix president Jun Iwasaki, announced today that it will bring Valhalla Knights to this side of the Pacific.

Developed by Marvelous Interactive for the Sony PlayStation Portable, Valhalla Knights is an action RPG with real-time tactical team combat. The story is set in an idyllic world where humans, elves, dwarves, and halflings live together in peace. Tragically, the Dark Lord shattered this peace, and although a hero sealed him away, the land became cursed.

Players will journey through this cursed land with a party of six customizable characters. There are five playable races -- human, dwarf, halfling, elf, and machine -- and eight job classes -- Fighter, Mage, Priest, Thief, Knight, Samurai, Ninja, and Anchor. The game also features network play in which players may team up in Co-Op Mode or challenge each other in Versus Mode.

XSEED has given Valhalla Knights a vague first quarter 2007 release date. A more specific date is sure to come in the future.

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Valhalla Knights
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