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Everquest II Sees Blue Skies Ahead


Everquest II: Kingdom of Sky

Sony Online Entertainment announced the release of the second expansion for Everquest II, entitled Kingdom of Sky. The game is shipping to North American retailers today and is also available to gamers by digital download.

Those who purchase the retail version of Kingdom of Sky will receive a full version of Everquest II, as well as the new expansion, a full color, poster-sized map, a limited-edition Everquest II collectable coin, and a special in-game item: a carnivorous plant that rewards players with certain items after feeding it. Purchasing the game via download will only receive a copy of the expansion, however. In either instance, a gamer who buys Kingdom of Sky will receive a free Arena Champion character to be used in Player versus Player combat.

The new expansion takes place in the appropriately named Kingdom of Sky, also known as the Overrealm, which floats high above the peaks of Norrath. Players will explore the Overrealm and encounter new enemies and zones to explore. Everquest II: Kingdom of Sky is rated "T" for Teen by the ESRB, and both retail and digital versions of the game sell for the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price of 29.99 USD.

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