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Yoshiyuki Oyama Talks Twilight Princess


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

In a recent interview in Nintendo Power, Twilight Princess character designer Yoshiyuki Oyama revealed a few new details for the upcoming Gamecube Zelda title, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The interview itself was centered on Oyama’s experience as a designer and his inspirations for creating creatures in Zelda games dating back to The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

The first idea presented was that the enemies in Twilight Princess will be in tune with their surroundings, using their environment against Link. Oyama also hinted that players would get the chance to explore the motives of certain enemies, such as the hog riding creatures that were first revealed during E3 2004. Players may be able to explore the living quarters of these beasts, and discover the language they speak.

Oyama also claimed to be dedicated to drawing in new players and welcoming old ones as well. When asked about Ganon, The Zelda series' most famed antagonist, Oyama declared that players should expect much more than has been presented in previous iterations of the series.

To fall in line with the rest of the series, Oyama said unique items and familiar enemies would make appearances in the game. The designer assured readers that certain items found in dungeons should then be used in clever ways to defeat the dungeon bosses, as well as other enemies. He went on to say that some of the enemies will be smaller and easier to handle at the beginning of the game, but further on these same enemies will have relatives that are much bigger and stronger.

Included with the interview were a few screenshots. The first was a human-like black creature with its knuckles on the ground for support. It had a red emblem on its chest similar to those that have been seen ominously hovering during game play footage. Another screenshot depicted a battle between Link and a three-headed creature that was apparently attached to the ground. Link wielded what Oyama called the Gale Boomerang, and Link had five hearts in his life meter which could mean this was an early boss in the game.

To check out the interview for yourself, pick up the January issue of Nintendo Power. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is set to be released during Nintendo’s second quarter of 2006 in North America.

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