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Harvest Moon Rises Over Europe


Harvest Moon

Nintendo of Europe and Rising Star Games have teamed up to bring two Harvest Moon games to Europe. Both Harvest Moon: Magical Melody for the GameCube and Harvest Moon DS for the DS will see releases through the partnership, with Rising Star handling the localization and Nintendo taking care of the distribution of the games.

The Harvest Moon series allows the player to farm his way to prosperity while bonding with potential mates in order to establish a family. In Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, the player will also need to collect a variety of musical notes through minigames and other activities in order to restore the Harvest Goddess. Harvest Moon DS replaces the acquisition of musical notes with the act of befriending sprites.

Both games are set for a release in Europe in Spring 2006. Harvest Moon: Magical Melody will also be released in North America by Natsume in Spring 2006, while Harvest Moon DS has not received a solid announcement regarding American distribution.

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