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Everquest Gains Weight, Expands



The worlds of Everquest and Everquest II will be introducing two new expanions to the series. Everquest's expansion, titled Prophecy of Ro, will feature at least seven adjustments into the game. Included in this are destructable environments, player-set traps, and spheres of influence for changing rules of the world. Players will also find new buffs filters and an additional eight bank spaces. There are also at least thirty new missions to tackle, along with new spells, environments, tasks, skills, disciplines, and trade skills to discover. At least twenty-five unique creatures will also be included with seven zones and six instances.

Everquest II's expansion, Kingdom of Sky, will also feature similar improvements and adjustments to the game. In this expansion, adventurers and artisans can now reach level 70 while guild advancement has been increased to level 50. An achievement system has been added to advance the specialization of character abilities. Over thirty new Collections, new zones including floating islands, and new player titles are obtainable. There are also four new arena champions and two new arenas, plus new enemies, armor, and over thirty new items for houses will be available. Also included are Heritage Quests and Signature Quests, which allow the player to gain large amounts of experience, rewards, new items, and personal status. Completion of Signature Quests will even advance the story of Everquest II.

Prophecy of Ro and Kingdom of Sky will both be available to purchase or download next month. The retail price for both titles is $29.95 USD.

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