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Drag-On Dragoon 2 Characters, Game System Lit Up


Drag-On Dragoon 2

Several new bits of information were recently published on Square Enix's official website for Drag-On Dragoon 2. Most notable were details regarding the game system and the revelation of two new characters.

It was reported that Drag-On Dragoon 2 will feature weapon-leveling, which, as it sounds, is the ability to strengthen individual weapons. As previously stated, each playable character will be associated with a different weapon, unique to themselves. If a player wants to use swords in a battle, they will choose to play as Nowe; if magic is preferred, then Mana will be the character of choice. What is different now is that rather than only the character used being privy to experience points gained in battle, the player will be able to split up the points between the character and the weapon however he or she sees fit. As the weapon continues to gain levels, new special skills and attacks will become available.

Another new announcement is the addition of two new characters to the cast of Drag-On Dragoon 2. Seere is Mana's twin brother and is bonded to Golem. As a price for the privilege of being bonded, Seere's body is cursed to remain at the age it was on the day the contract was enacted. Since then, he has been taken in by the priesthood where he spends his days reading and researching history and ancient myths.

Yaha, like Zhangpo, is a guardian of a key and is bonded to Gnome. Orphaned at a young age, Yaha used his good looks to climb his way out of fosterage and into the Crimson Knights. In fact, Yaha is so attractive that he is often mistaken for a woman. Always aiming to better his standard of living, he made decent progress through the ranks of the Knights. A rumor does persist, however, that it was his body more than his swordsmanship that earned him his many promotions. Though his beauty was magnified by his bonding with Gnome, Yaha's price for the contract was his ability to feel pleasure. Unfortunately, this causes even more grief for him, as he grows tired of the men and women, who desire his company, constantly swarming around him due only to his bewitching looks.

Japan is still slated to receive Drag-On Dragoon 2 this spring. A North American localization remains to be announced.

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Drag-On Dragoon 2
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