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Tales of Legendia Battle Details Punched Out


Tales of Legendia

Though Tales of Legendia seems to differ from its predecessors in many new ways, one familiarity from other Tales games that players can look forward to is the unique battle system. Not the RPG-typical, turn-based battles, the Tales series implements what's called "Linear Motion Battle System," or LMBS.

Tales of Legendia, however, will take the LMBS one step further this time around. This twist on the previous system has been dubbed X-LMBS, or "Cross-Over Linear Motion Battle System." In this system, player characters and enemy characters form two lines, not side-by-side as in traditional RPGs, but rather one behind the other. This set-up allows only the foremost player character and the foremost enemy to face each other directly. From there, the battle takes on more of a fighting game feel, rather than an RPG feel. The player and enemy characters begin fighting with their respective weapons and Legendia's set of exclusive special abilities called "Claw Skills." Using the Claw Skills, though, requires the spending of Technical Points (TP), a system that veterans of the Tales series should find familiar.

Tales of Legendia is still on course for a spring landing in Japan. No information regarding the possibility of a North American localization has been made public.

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Tales of Legendia
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