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Phantasy Star Universe Details Unveiled



Last May at E3, Sega showed a teaser video of Phantasy Star Universe, the next game in the popular Phantasy Star series. Recently, more information about the game has been revealed. According to Shonen Jump magazine, Japan will see the game this winter on the PlayStation 2 and PC. The teaser video can be found on the Japanese website for Phantasy Star Universe.

Characters, locations, and other story details were unveiled as well. After surviving a long conflict, the Graal solar system was enjoying a century of peace when a new alien threat known as SEED began invading space colonies. Along with the space colonies, three planets make up the solar system. The civilization in the game consists of various races, such as the Numans.

Two members of the Guardians, a planetary security organization, were revealed as main characters. Ethan Weaver is a 17-year-old trainee, and Karen Era is one of his instructors. Both can be seen in the E3 trailer.

The game is currently being developed by Sonic Team and Sega. A North American version has yet to be announced and there is still no official word on whether Phantasy Star Universe will be an online game or a stand-alone title.

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