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Musashi: Samurai Legend Hits Retailers


Musashi: Samurai Legend/Square Enix

Yesterday marked the opening day for Musashi: Samurai Legend, the sequel to Squaresoft's PSone action-RPG Brave Fencer Musashi. Retailing at $39.99, Musashi: Samurai Legend signifies the series' debut on the PlayStation2, continuing the anime feel of its predecessor with bright, cel-shaded graphics.

The title follows the story of young samurai Musashi, who has been summoned across time and space by Princess Mycella to save her people, the Mystics, from a drastic fate. Gandrake, the developer of the Nebulium Engine, and his militaristic corporation seek to utilize the magical power of the Mystics to fuel their revolutionary creation. Musashi, with the aid of a slightly insane martial arts master, must locate the Princess and rescue the Mystics if he wishes to return home.

Musashi's abilities are rather numerous. Along with the fundamental attacks and dodges, multiple "advanced" attacks are also available. Musashi can also perform a sort of technique duplication, wherein he focuses on an opponent to learn their techniques and use them for himself. Several larger swords, along with the Great Oar, can be utilized as well. Equipped in Musashi's left hand, these weapons are slow but powerful. In addition to all of this, the samurai can also pick up allies and enemies for use in combat.

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Musashi: Samurai Legend | Brave Fencer Musashi
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