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Namco X Capcom Scores Points


Namco x Capcom

Several new details concerning Namco X Capcom were recently revealed by a double-wide magazine advertisement. First among them were the introductions of some new characters, namely Ken from Street Fighter, Hori Taizo from Digdug, Lin Fong from Gun Survivor 4, Reirei from Darkstalkers, and two nameless Super Soldiers from The Lost World.

Two large factors in the battle system were also unveiled, one of which is a type of "points." When a character obtains ten "Active Points," he or she can take a turn. Similar to Hoshigami, everything a character does in a turn will consume these points. Moving a square will cost one AP, attacking will cost three, and so on. The rate of regaining AP will not depend entirely on a character's stats; there are other methods to speed this process up. Some characters have special skills that increase their rate of AP recovery, while cunning use of defensive maneuvers can also gain some extra points. Additionally, defeating enemies grants a slight AP boost.

A skill both enemies and allies can use is called "Multiple Assault." Giving the name its meaning, this involves many characters piling onto one enemy. Players don't need to input any command to execute an MA, but have the right number of characters in the right areas. Depending on what formation the party members get into, three different types of MA can result, described below.

  • Many Vs. One: This functions as a combo attack of sorts. Two or three units combine to pummel one opposing character. Of all the MA, this one does the most damage.
  • One Vs. Many: This MA occurs when a player sends one character into a dense pack of enemies. The targets are so close together, one attack can damage all of them.
  • Many vs. Many: Just as it sounds, a group of characters from one side gets together and hits multiple opponents.

Finally, a Japanese release date was announced, and the game is now set to launch on May 26th of this year. Plans of bringing this game elsewhere have not been publically discussed.

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Namco X Capcom
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