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Riviera: The Promised Land announced for North America


Riviera: The Promised Land

Atlus U.S.A., Inc. has announced the North American localization of Riviera: The Promised Land for the Game Boy Advance. The title was developed by Sting, which was formed from ex-Square employees whom previously had worked on the Super Famicom RPG, Treasure Hunter-G. Riviera is currently scheduled for release on June 25 of this year.

"Long ago, a war between gods and demons--Ragnarok--erupted, and the world was thrown into a state of chaos. Asgard, the realm of the gods, was overrun by demons and was on the brink of destruction. In desperation, the gods sacrificed their very lives to create fierce warriors known as Grim Angels. Each wielding a godly weapon known as a 'Diviner,' these angels quickly brought the war to an end. The demons were sealed away, but the gods would soon follow. However, the gods were able to leave behind their power in the heavenly isle of Riviera .

A thousand years have passed since the gods' demise. Signs of the demons' return have brought fear to this peaceful land. Without the gods, Asgard cannot withstand another war. And so, fearing their own demise, the Seven Magi, proxies of the gods, have made the fateful decision to actuate the Retribution, a cataclysmic event which will destroy both Riviera and the demons.

To execute the plan, the Seven Magi have again called upon the power of the Grim Angels, born anew for the first time since Ragnarok. Now, two angels shall descend to the sacred soil of Riviera ... Little do these angels know of the darkness that will follow if they should succeed..." Riviera: The Promised Land has an MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) of $29.99 and as of yet, has not received an ESRB rating. More details on this title as it's announced.

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Riviera: The Promised Land
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