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Square Enix Bans Final Fantasy XI Accounts


Final Fantasy XI

On St. Valentine's Day, Square Enix permanently banned over 800 accounts from it's online gaming service, PlayOnline. The accounts were banned due to repeated violations of PlayOnline's Member Agreement, specifically in Final Fantasy XI.

The users of the now-banned accounts would form groups to monopolize, or "camp", the hunting spots of notorious monsters, which sometimes drop rare and valuable items when defeated. These items would then be sold to other players in the game at over-priced amounts, thus hyperinflating the economy. These users were also known to repeatedly harass other players and perform "monster-player killings", which involve forcing tough monsters to attack, and often kill, weaker players.

The above actions are outlined in the PlayOnline Member Agreement as strictly prohibited. Square Enix encourages anyone who feels that they have become a victim of harassment to contact a Game Master within the game to have the situation rectified as soon as possible.

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Final Fantasy XI
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