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New Tales of Title is No Longer a Legend


Tales of Legendia

Through the recent issue of Famitsu magazine, Namco has announced a new title in the Tales of series, Tales of Legendia, which is currently scheduled for a Spring 2005 release in Japan. Currently no details about the story are known, however; RPGamer has its translator working on these five propaganda shots which should unveil details. Currently, it is unknown if this announcement has anything to do with the recent opening of a page on the Japanese Tales of site referring to the Next Tales of... game.

What can be told from the propaganda, without translation, is that there will be quite a few characters along this journey and the world of Legendia will be rendered in 3D. Characters included in the propaganda include Senel Coolidge, Shirley Fennes, Will Raynerd, Chloe Valens, Norma Biatty, and Moses Sandor. RPGamer will bring you more details once our translator has picked them out for the site.

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Tales of Legendia
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