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Character Backgrounds Released

for Phantom Kingdom


Phantom Kingdom

Several new story backgrounds have just been released by Nippon Ichi for the main characters of its upcoming strategy RPG, Phantom Kingdom.

First on the list is Alexander, the God of Destruction and self-proclaimed arch-enemy of Zeta. To date, he's tried to assassinate the Demon King 20,846 times, and declared war on him 6,413 times. Next up is Salome, a student of Zeta's and a true believer in his "might equals right" credo. Since learning about her master's plight, she has devoted herself to serving him in anyway she can. Valvolga is an infamous creature whose body consists of three different entities: a demon, a fallen angel, and a dragon. Their names are Mikki, Ouphelia, and Draizen, respectively.

  • Mikki, the demon, makes up the head and torso of Valvolga and is supposed to be the one in charge out of the three. However, he has the personality of a weakling, causing his two counterparts to pick on him mercilessly rather than be compliant.
  • Ouphelia, a contemptuous fallen angel, acts as Valvolga's midsection. She has a gigantic ego and a personal passion for goading Mikki into choosing the greater evil, whenever the need to make a decision arises.
  • Finally, at the very bottom of this three-part union is Draizen, a dragon who loves to kill indiscriminately and leave massive amounts of destruction in his wake. He often berates Mikki for being too soft.

Trenia is a demon that doesn't look very special on the surface, but underneath there seems to be something suspicious going on. She has a knack for being in the right place at the right time when it comes to overhearing important conversations between Zeta and other demon kings. Whether she is a spy or just misunderstood remains to be seen.

Emperor Royal King Dark III speaks with a huge, booming voice, and likes to do so a lot. His expertise with handling unpleasant situations leans more towards improvisation than planning, and though he touts himself as being generous, in truth, he's very stingy. Meanwhile, no one has actually seen the mysterious demon, Luska, but the stories behind her say that she is a reclusive engineer who lives in the gaps between worlds. Many believe that she is the one who created all the strange little creatures that run around the demon world.

There are no special stories behind the common characters that you will use in battle throughout Phantom Kingdom. They are simply the unsung heroes of the game and will come in such classes as warriors, mages, swordmasters, infantry, chemists, shopkeepers, healers, berserkers, mechanics, and, of course, Prinnies. New to Phantom Kingdom, however, are the "Death Sabers" and the "Mandragora". The Death Sabers are cute and cuddly looking, but very nasty when it comes to battle, while the Mandragora are walking vegetables that can be either good soldiers or good meals, depending upon whether or not the rest of your troops are hungry for battle or hungry for lunch.

Japanese speaking RPGamers seeking more information can check out the Phantom Kingdom official site. Nippon Ichi continues to post new information about the game as it nears its Japanese release date of March 17. An official North American release date has not been confirmed.

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