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Slew of Characters Divulged for Radiata Stories


Radiata Stories

Square Enix has released new information regarding a slew of new characters in Radiata Stories. Two warriors, as well as a guru join the game's previously announced characters as definite party members.

  • Gantz Rothchild, a knight captain and son of the Rothchild Western Lions clan, was raised according to the genteel traditions of all great houses. Gantz has been a bit spoiled by his upbringing, but is still a reliable knight. Gantz's father, Garvin, was a well known general.
  • Salude Larks is the Premier of the Radiata Kingdom and is in charge of all of its knights. Salude has attained the position of Premier at the young age of 38; not through royal connections, but through hard work and natural talent. Salude is as polite to the lowliest peasant as he is to the most regal of nobles.
  • Lucion Hewitt is a guru of ancient legend who came out of an old noble family that excelled in studying mythology. He specializes in the legends surrounding the faeries' protectors, the dragons. Lucion is calm, cool to a point where some consider him emotionless, and as intelligent and strong-willed as Salude.

    The following are characters that may or may not join your party, depending on the player's course of action in the game:

  • Airdale is Jack's older sister and swordsmanship instructor.
  • Martines, a a dark elf, is the leader of a world famous elven music troupe and, obviously, tends to think of things in a musical nature. He isn't the best fighter, but his travels have granted him a good amount of knowledge.
  • Earnest is shrouded in mystery. Nobody knows a thing about his past, yet he was accepted into Vales Magicians Academy on account of a sort of "cursed song" he can play.
  • Gon, a silent, grumpy green goblin, doesn't have many useful skills. Without fail, Gon goes outside to stare at a strange object that's near the green-goblin village every day. Gon tends to keep to himself, rarely saying anything at all, except possibly to the random visiting traveler.
  • Kosmo is a human monk.
  • Koko is a young dark elven boy who always has a serious look on his face. He's very shy around others, to the point where he will walk away when you ask him a question. Koko prefers just playing quietly.
  • Dan is the manager of the "Vampire" nightclub and has a gregarious personality. Even though his looks may deceive, he was once a high ranking member of the thieves guild "Void Community," and is still very skilled in the art of thievery.
  • Fawn is a young, light elven girl, and is idolized by her community because of her good looks. She often uses this to her advantage to get away with various dirty tricks. Fawn has a tendency to pick on other races.
  • Gorai is a hard worker and highly believes in his own strength. He used his brute strength in an attempt to be a monk, but the mental aspect was too much for him. At some point, he became the receptionist at the Void Community's HQ. However, he isn't the most polite of secretaries.
  • Jade is a high ranking member of the Void Community and a very smooth talker; so smooth, that he received high position in the thieves guild even though his skills are lacking.
  • Rinka is a skilled female thief, whose son tends to follow her wherever she goes.
  • Lawrek is a klutzy, panic-prone knight.
  • Dainas, a veteran fighter and one of the generals of the Radiata Knights, personally knew Gantz Rothchild's missing father, Garvin.
  • Keaton is a simple peasant farmer who raises chickens and harvests barley.

    Radiata Stories is on track for a January 27 release in Japan. North America has yet to receive news of a domestic localization.

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