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Dungeon Lords Postponed


Dungeon Lords/Heuristic Park

Heuristic Park's PC Action RPG Dungeon Lords has suffered a small setback in its projected release date. Originally slated for the first quarter of 2005, a new date of April 20 has been set for the title. D.W. Bradley, the man behind the Wizardry series, is acting as both the lead designer and writer.

Combining real-time tactical combat with a story that takes place in a standard fantasy setting, Bradley's Dungeon Lords will offer an experience that is both familiar and different from that of the Wizardry series. An all-new character developement system will include different skills, abilities, and class specializations, Dungeon Lords will also provide a myriad of customization options Sporting an all-new character developement system, including a plethora of different skills, abilities, and class specializations, Dungeon Lords promises to provide a myriad of customization options. Furthering customization is the inclusion of seven different races: humans, elves, dwarves, and four demigoth races. To provide the promised 40 hours of gameplay, plenty of side quests and personal missions will be offered as well, sometimes including NPCs that will act as friend or foe depending on the player's actions. Players will also be given the choice of going solo or cooperating online with a group.

Gameplay differences aside, Dungeon Lords departs from the Wizardry games in another area: the story. Whereas past Bradley games have focused more on party-based tales, this game will concentrate on a single character and his interaction with the world.

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