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Namco Announces Sigma Star Saga



On November 23 of last year, Namco Hometek Inc, Namco Limited's U.S. consumer division, filed a patent in the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the name "Sigma Star Saga." Other than the name of the game, details surrounding the title have been nonexistent for the past two months. Today, however, Namco has officially announced the title as an RPG for the Game Boy Advance, and has also provided RPGamer with the game's first details and screenshots.

The story of Sigma Star Saga takes place in a time where Humanity is embroiled in a conflict with an enemy known as the "Krill." After being under constant attack, humanity's Allied Earth Federation intercepts a Krill communication that reveals their interest in six particular planets in the galaxy. Players will play as a double agent, who is charged with discovering why the Krill are so interested in these planets.

Gameplay wise, Sigma Star Saga is an action RPG with "shooter" elements. Players will be able to commandeer Krill weaponry and gadgets to adequately equip themselves and their spaceships. On foot, he protagonist's weapon of choice is a gun, which the player will be able to customize by combining 50 different "Gun Data" items. Effects granted upon the gun by these items include "Spread Shot," "Heat Seek," and "Explode."

Soon, Namco will open up the doors to Sigma Star Saga's official site. However, as of yet, the URL only directs to Namco's home page.

This announcement also came with a North American release date for Sigma Star Saga; June 2005. The prospect of a release in Japan is unknown.

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Sigma Star Saga
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