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Villain Finally Revealed for Shining Force Neo


Shinging Force Neo

The big, bad villain for Segaís new Shining Force release, Shining Force Neo, has finally been revealed, and itís a supernatural monster that goes by the name of "Legion." Thirteen years prior to the events that start the game, Legionís arrival to the world of Rune was brought about by the actions of a single man, referred to in the game as being "The Family of the Moon." And to be clear, the title "Family of the Moon" does not refer to an actual family, but rather to an individual whose own thoughts align him (or her) to the sinister forces that exist inside the moon. The dark energies that resonated from the man, named thus in the game, opened a portal on the moonís surface. Through this portal, Legion was summoned forth from another dimension to take part in a great war that was raging over the land at the time.

There arenít too many details on what happened to Legion right after the war ended. It just seems to go underground for while, but whether this was due to a defeat or its own choosing, the monsterís hiatus doesnít last long. So bring on Max; his love interest, Merly; and a host of other characters to save Rune from destruction once more.

Shining Force Neo is currently scheduled for a March 24, 2005 release in Japan. There is no word yet on if it's coming to the United States.

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Shining Force Neo
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