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EverQuest II Expansions in the Works


EverQuest II

John Smedley from Sony Online Entertainment announced recently that numerous types of expansions are set to come out for EverQuest II this year. In addition to the regular expansion packs, Sony plans to release "Adventure Packs," which give small narrative-based quests.

Two expansion packs are already being worked on, with plans to release two every year after this as well. Sony currently has two separate teams working on the packs to develop them at the same time. These packs can either be bought as a download or through a store. While not many specifics about the expansion packs themselves have been stated, Smedley claims that the first one will contain "radically new gameplay elements" that are aiming to be unique in the world of MMORPGs.

The first of the expansion packs is planned to be released sometime during the second half of 2005. The first Adventure Pack should be out sooner, and will offer a trial section for free. If satisfied with the trial, the player can buy the full pack online for $4.99.

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EverQuest II
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