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Shining Force Neo Character Details Surface


Shining Force Neo

Sega has recently let loose descriptions of some of the characters players can expect to encounter in the upcoming action RPG, Shining Force Neo. Though only the main character, Max, will be directly controlled, several other companions will join him on his journey.

First up is Meryl, the bright, energetic heroine of the game. She was orphaned at a young age, but was taken in and raised by Max's family. She and Max have been close friends ever since.

Graham is a knight and also happens to be captain of the guard at the border outpost, Rakail Tower. Probably Graham's most noticeable feature is his body--he is a Kentalos, which is a centaur-type creature (half man, half horse). He is known for his incredible speed and stamina. While Graham is one of Max's oldest companions at the age of 50, he is cheerful and lively enough to pass as someone half his age. He is also Max's instructor.

Mariel, who is also a Kentalos, is Graham's daughter. Also like her father, Mariel is a knight. Stubborn and willful, she left her overly carefree father to train in the arts of war and Force in a more serious environment.

Next up is a Wolfling and an intellectual by the name of Baron. With a personality to match his gentlemanly name, Baron has a tendency to speak fancily. However, this upper-class, clean-cut image goes straight out the window when he goes into battle, as his ferocity is matched only by his speed and power.

Rhinos is a large, brawler-type man who only needs his fists to pummel his opponents. This strength also makes Rhinos a difficult man to damage. As a former police chief, he can be a bit gruff, but has a well-developed sense of justice.

Chiquitita, who happens to look a lot like a puppy, is a member of the Kyantoul clan. She doesn't have much offensive power--neither physical nor magical--though she does have some rather impressive healing abilities up her sleeve.

Dryu is a member of the small Dragon clan as well as a descendant of the Great Dragons. According to popular myth, a fight involving the Great Dragons long ago is what created the world.

Adam is simply described as a metallic guardian left behind by a lost civilization. Freyia is one of the last surviving members of the dying Birdling clan. Not much else is known about either Adam or Freyia.

Finally, there is Klein. Like Freyia, Klein is a Birdling, but he is also a proficient archer. Even though his wings are unable to keep him aloft for very long, he is renowned for his ability to defeat numerous opponents in just one blow.

Shining Force Neo is on schedule for a Japanese release on March 24. To date, there has been no information regarding a North American localization.

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Shining Force Neo
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