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Tension Escalates in Final Fantasy XI


Final Fantasy XI

After many months of teasing Final Fantasy XI players with the promise of player-versus-player gameplay, Square Enix has revealed a few pieces of information concerning the next big thing to hit Vana'diel. The upcoming system will certainly differ from PvP systems seen in other MMORPGs.

The system has been given the verbose title of International Resolution through Non-lethal Conflict, or simply "Conflict" for short, and it seems to be mostly for higher level players. Battles will take place in a controlled, tournament-like environment, which means that there will be no cruel player-killing in which an unsuspecting low-level player is slaughtered by a malicious high-level player. The purpose of IRNC in FFXI is to defend the honor of one's country and improve its reputation, thus giving PvP patriotic overtones.

Square Enix did not reveal the actual date of the beginning of IRNC, it did offer a few dramatic paragraphs about the background and reasons for the upcoming system. The text and a few flashy screenshots are available at the official Final Fantasy XI website.

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Final Fantasy XI
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